Help. Left screen obscured

Hi. I am new to LingQ and am in the process of evaluating a program with a view to becoming a fully fledged member. However, I am currently going through my first lesson but I am unable to see all the words in the left hand panel as it is obscured by part of the right hand paned (see attached screen shot).
The remnant of the right hand panel shows how many points I have earned and what level I am currently at.
I have tried altering the zoom settings on my browser. This does work to a certain extent and moves offending part of the right hand pane to the bottom of the left hand pane and thus is no longer covering any of the words. However, I have to zoom out to such an extent that the words are too small to read.

This is rather annoying and defeats the object of the program as I am unable to read or lingq the words hidden underneath.

Has anyone experienced this problem too?
Can anyone help?

For info, I am running windows 8 and have tried running lingq in both the normal windows 8 view and the old windows XP view but the results are the same.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this! Would you be able to try another browser such as Chrome or Firefox and see if you’re experiencing the same issue? This should help us track down whether it’s a browser-specific issue or something unique to your setup.

Hi Alex.
I installed Google Chrome as you suggested and that seems to have cured the problem.
Thanks for your assistance it was much appreciated.

OK, glad to hear Chrome is working properly! Would you be able to let us know what version of Internet Explorer you are using? Just click the little gear icon at the top right in IE, then click “About Internet Explorer” at the bottom.

Hi Alex. I was using Internet Explorer version 10.0

Thanks! You may be able to update your IE to a newer version by going here: Internet Explorer Downloads - Microsoft Support

If an update is available, would you update then let us know if it’s working any better on IE?