Help! Import a text

I’ve found the text for I promessi sposi in the public domain, but don’t know how to import it into LingQ so I can use it here.
Can you help?

I have also found a recording of it at:

Can this be added to accompany the text?

Thanks in advance

This might sound like a stupid question, but have you tried copy&paste?

In Task you find the “Import lesson” feature. If you click on “?” than you get help.

Be aware that you can not share these lessons publicly (in the library) because commercial use of this audio source is not permitted.
(È severamente vietato l’utilizzo commerciale di tutto il materiale contenuto in questo sito.)
You can only share them privately.

Dear Colin

Thanks. I did try copy and paste before with no success. Just did it again and voilà… it worked!

Thanks for the warning. I only intend to use it for my myself.

You can share it with your friends :slight_smile: Have fun!