Help! I clicked and dragged across a whole sentence and now is is one big blue "lingq-to-be"

Is there a way to undo this so that I can simply lingq the individual words in the sentence?

I had tried to control-C the sentence in order to have it translated on another website. It wouldn’t copy, so I ended up re-typing it into the other website. However, when I returned to Lingq I found that now the whole sentence is one big blue blob. I can’t figure out how to de-select it so that I can lingq the individual words.

I realize that I can lingq the whole sentence, but this is not what I wish to do.

Can I fix this somehow? I didn’t find a question about this in the help FAQ.

You don’t need to do anything, just refresh the page and it should go away.
Even you have highlight it as you say you can still highlight the individual words, you just wont be able to see it. But if you highlight the word, move away the cursor and then hover on the word again, you ll see that only one word is highlighted.

If you want to copy a sentence:
Highlight it and BEFORE you release the mouse button press Ctr+C

@ktm, Thanks a bunch!

you could either refresh the page or just right click on it and click “known” then try again ;D