Hello! What topics do you want to listen in Russian? I am happy to record them for you in Russian

I want to upload the Russian language lessons. I think it would be better if you tell me topics that interest you, and I will record them for you.

Очень хотелось бы записать уроки русского языка. Я думаю, что будет лучше, если вы сами подскажете мне темы, которые вам интересны, а я запишу их для вас.


I always enjoy reading about everyday life in the USSR. Topics like school, shopping, traveling etc in the USSR would be nice to listen to and read about.

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All right. I will write down anything. From the history of Russian myself more interested in Soviet history. Moreover, I had to live there. When the Soviet Union have been broke, I was 7 years old. And I remember a lot of things.
I am sorry for my bad English))))

Great! Looking forward to it!

I think that if you write about things that interest you that there are people who will find it interesting. When you are learning a language you need lots of practice seeing and hearing words that are used frequently. If you speak about the weather, sports, activities that you like to do then I am sure they will be helpful. I used to write many computer programs so I would be glad to hear a little about computers. Our world revolves around the web so having a discussion about anything about the computer is helpful. Welcome to Lingq. Thank you for offering to contribute.

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Easy stories, like stories for children. I actually have loads of stories in Russian in PDF but I can’t upload them because of copyright. If you want I could send them to you and you could maybe write up a short version of those stories and upload with audio of you reading it.

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For btotheb, I will send to you my email on Skype. You can send me your stories in PDF)))