Hello to everybody...Who could help me!

Hello I’m Federica…an italian student. I’m new here and I don’t know how I can use it.
I would like to improve my english and particulary english for tourism becouse I would like to work such as events planner in tourism.
Thank you.

It’s easy. At first, please click “Welcome”. You can pick out almost everything you need.
If something remains unclear- post the concrete question in appropriate forum.

Welcome to lingQ Federica! If you buy some points (see “Buy points on top right of this page”) you can join a one-on-one with a tutor and discuss your goals with them. They can give you advice about where to start with LingQ.

Hello everybody
I am new in this foro, also i am new student in lingq, to tell the truth I am testing, checking to see if this method fit me
Can anybody give me some good advise to learn english in LingQ

hi foro,
I think when you are new here, you should read at first the welcome site because there is all written how LingQ works step by step.
Klick on the buttons and look what happened.
After that begin with a course - reading and listen to and than saving words.
When I was here the first time, I recognized very quickly that this method is a great one.
If you have special questions come again here for asking!
Have fun.