Hello guys, I am a English student

Hello :slight_smile:

How are you?

I am Ezechiele, I study English.

I have a question, do you have advices?

Which lessons can I use to start my adventure on lingq?


Welcome Ezechiele!

To get started, you should study the LingQ 101 Beginner course - http://www.lingq.com/learn/en/store/course/7/contents/. If that is too easy for you, you can then try some of the other courses on the Courses shelf. These are lessons that have been recommended by other members and tutors.

Good luck!

Oh thanks a lot mark! I’ll try to start with this beginner course :slight_smile:

Do you have skype? I am studying English and I would like to improve and hear other accents. Please, if you want to practice together add me in the Skype: jorge.roberto.santoro@gmail.com

Bye bye!