Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! I recently came across this platform a day ago, and I have to admit that I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I use multiple platforms for language learning, and I have a question regarding LingQ. Let’s say I encounter a new word that I want to comprehend in context, rather than simply knowing its definition. Is there a feature on LingQ that allows me to do this? Can I simply use the spyglass icon for that purpose? I would greatly appreciate any guidance. Thank you so much!

The essence of how Lingq works is reading texts in which all words are in context. I personally do not usually use the vocabulary drills, but some of those include the context in which you found the word. As for as the definition, or “hint” as Lingq calls it, for a given word, you can add whatever you want to the notes. Notes are personal for you. The hints are shared, and the wide selection of hints available for many words are the many that were created by other Lingq users. You chose the one (or more) that best suit you.

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