He said that Steve could not speak 9 languages

Yesterday I received a video from a friend and when I started watching this video the guy says he can become fluent in any language in just four months.

he also says that Steve called and started talking in Spanish but Steve could not understand anything, so he began to speak in French and Steve could not understand anything.

Of course that this guy is more a villain promising things that are not true.

he is not Brazilian, and he says that speaking nine languages.

He never mentions Steve’s name in the video. He says there’s a “Senhor” whom he called, who couldn’t understand Spanish and French. The guy sounds like a complete moron, though. I thought he was going to challenge everyone for a language duel.

I had a conversation with this guy and he said that he is talkin about Steve Kaufmann.

Fluent in 4 months … definitely is a joke.

Didn’t he say he contacted the Senhor instead of being contacted? He must have dialed the wrong number.

rsrs, very nice Edwin!!!

I wonder how long it will be before someone comes up with a fluent in 2 months scheme.

Like someone said above he never mentions the name of the person. Anyway Steve speaks 10 languages doesn’t he.He also mentions that that “someone” has a goal of learning one language a year. I think he means someone else.

Like someone also pointed out he sounds like a moron. If you speak nine languages fluently you need to be modest about it. This guy is banging on his chest saying “I speak nine languages” (ie not him/this other senhor).

I like the way Steve tends to say we “can we learn a language in three monthts” rather than “can you” " how many words can we learn in one day".
It comes across so much nicer. There are enough “moijes” out there.

Seriously, Lucas, from the way he described his encounter with the ‘Senhor’, it really sounded like he got the wrong Steve…

What else did he tell you about his ‘method’ in your conversation with him?

He said that his methodology teach everyone in any language just in 4 months,
but he never talk about the method before you pay for the his course.

First you pay , after he’ll show the method.

He said he called Steve, and Steve could not understand Spanish or French.

Of couse this is a lie, cause I doubt he’ll give your phone number to anyone on the Internet.

@Lucas “Fluent in 4 months … definitely is a joke.”
no, it’s not… it IS irishpolyglot’s business style

Well, it’s more obviously a lie because we all know well that Steve knows French and Spanish just fine.

I’m not sure why anyone would pay attention to this guy.

The most amazing thing is that there are many people who still end up falling in this coup.

Most of the people who buy into his scheme probably don’t watch Steve’s videos (since most are in English and this guy’s clearly trying to sell his English language course), so I’m at a loss as to why on Earth would he bring this up in a video. Maybe to stir a controversy?

I laughed outloud when he said that HE’s the one who speaks many languages (as if nobody else could learn a bunch of languages). I almost expected him to say he speaks all the languages in the World.

Maybe he hasn’t heard of Richard Simcott, Prof. Alexander Arguelles, Iversen and others.

I think people are willing to fall for this kind of thing as it’s easier to hear “I managed to do this in only months” than “I managed to do this with a lot of hard work over years”. Let’s not also forget the “And you can do this, too!” factor.

Elric said: “I wonder how long it will be before someone comes up with a fluent in 2 months scheme.”

Well, since you asked … Inglês Fluente em 8 Semanas - ISM Idiomas - YouTube

That’s it, I’m going to start my own Fluent in 1 Month program right now, short to be followed the Fluent in 1 Week blog.

he is not Brazilian, and he says that speaking nine languages.

Not a Brazilian and still dares to say that? -))

I am in New Zealand on holidays. However, upon my return I will be putting out one or several secret videos on youtube for everyone to see. They will be called “Fluent in five days” and will contain secret information on how to achieve fluency in 5 days. I will demonstrate this myself later in the year. Stay tuned.

I think Steve’s profile’s been hacked.

@Lucas “He said he called Steve, and Steve could not understand Spanish or French.”

I asked him, surreptitiously, if he knew who Steve was and he answered:

@UrgentEnglish “No conocía el señor que mencionas. Bueno, no pasa nada. Me alegro que hayas mirado el video de nuevo y lo hayas aclarado. Mi metodo es exclusivo para brasileños y hace 10 años que logro que los alumnos hablen corrientemente el inglês y en pocos meses. No me funcionó con otras nacionalidades, a pesar de haberlo intentado muchas veces.”

so Lucas, sorry but I have to ask: are you sure he was talking about Steve Kaufmann?