Having trouble with audio

Hi, I’m having a bit of trouble with audio. On the majority of the lessons I go on now, I don’t get any audio. A voice may pop up and say “Sorry, but we have no audio for this lesson” or underneath the player it will say “NaN:NaN” and I won’t be able to download it either.

I’ve just seen it only happens with my Spanish lessons.

If these are the later lessons of Steve’s book, there is no audio for most of those.

No, they are all my lessons. I’ve tried Steve’s book, Colours by Alsuvi and also Aguas Frescas. None of them seem to work for me. I’ll try again later.

I’ll have a quick listen to mine.

There appears to be an issue with some of the files. We’ll take a look at what might be going on.

I listened to alsuvi’s ‘Colores - rojo’. There is definitely no sound, thus it is a bug of sorts, not anything individual.

When I click download audio, it says:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

The specified key does not exist.


That’s when I click the download audio on the lessons page, not when I’m actually on the lesson. When I click it on the lesson, it does nothing.

Hi guys,

The audio files should be working properly now. Please let us know if you come across any others that give you trouble.

Hi, Alex,

Still no audio for “Who is She?” Spain’s Faster version.

They are still not working for me at all.

The first two lessons in Who is She - Faster version aren’t working, but the other 3 parts appear to be working just fine.
We’re working on getting this resolved, but it would be great if you could, as Yvette has done, link to specific collections where audio files aren’t working. Thanks!

This one isn’t working for me- Login - LingQ

@James123: The link you gave won’t work for Alex, it’s your personal workdesk item. You can link directly from the lesson by going into Notes and then adding a comment, this’ll give the general url and Alex can do his magic.

Thanks Sanne! I’m new to this as you can see! Will this one work:

I think it will, generally those things end with …36006/buy/ or 64028/buy/, but I am sure Alex will know what to do.

As I said, doing it from within the lesson is easiest, but having one of those numbers at the end will help, too.

So where do you normally get the link? I just copied and pasted the link location when I was about to add comment.

You have Tasks, Quick LingQs, Resources and Share as headings in the box within the lesson.

Under Resources you’ll find Notes. Under Notes you’ll see the Add Comment button.

From there you write your comment (new thread) as usual. It’ll be automatically linked to the lesson in question.

Ah, thanks! I went into the notes and added a comment, but instead of making a new thread, I copied the link location and pasted it on here.