Having dreams in the target language

I am pretty sure that at least most of you have previously had a dream in your target language, well anyways for those of you who have at least once, what was it like? Especially the first time you ever had a dream in a target language.

I am just very curious to know. :slight_smile:

For me, it only happened when I was about a B2/C1 in Spanish. Before then I hadn’t dreamt in Spanish. My Mexican roommate told me that I was talking in my sleep…in Spanish. So that was pretty cool.

I don’t remember what it was about, probably just whatever I would dream about in English but in Spanish instead. Probably had to do with friends or school.

I’ve had dreams where everyone spoke in unintelligable noise that sounded like my target language. I think the dream was mostly about frustration.

@landho: Lol People often find dream talks boring, it’s rather unusual that you asked : ) I happen to have paid attention to it.

I’m about B1 in German and had my first dream in it last month. There was a small gathering where everyone was speaking German and I was trying very hard to maintain a conversation, struggling with vocabulary :stuck_out_tongue:

On a different account, I came to Canada for undergrad almost ten years ago and started noticing myself dreaming in English (second language) after three years. Those were dreams I would otherwise have in my native language, nothing peculiar about them. However, about six years after I started using English intensively, I started having dreams in which people I knew from back home, with whom I’d talk in my native language with in real life, also speak English to me!

Nowadays I dream predominantly in English. Dreams in native language occurs only after I’ve been exposed to a large dose of it for a few days, for example, long phone coversations with family, reading articles or watching movie/TV series in that language.

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