Having a tutor

Is it important to be a premium member to have a tutor !! and i want to know it requires visa or pay pall ! can i have a tutor for free ?

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Unfortuantely there are not too many people willing to devote 15 minutes to a half hour of their time to tutor you for free.

You can try to find an exchange partner. You will spend half the time speaking your language, and half your target. There are quite a few sites devoted to that. I don’t know if I should give you links to them, since I don’t want to go against any sort of forum policy. I’ll just say google it.


:frowning: okay never mind thank you

@yarateti - You will need to have points to communicate with a tutor on LingQ, but you don’t have to be a Premium member. You can purchase points at any time from the Points page (Login - LingQ). We accept payment via all major credit cards and through PayPal.

Earn point enough for a tutor by making lessons you can only by making a lot of lessons, not by one and not even by 10 lessons, unfortunately.But you can earn points also by inviting your friends to Lingq.com