Having a Friend be my Tutor

I have a friend who is fluent in French, and I’m fluent in Japanese – is there a way we can use the tutor feature to set up as each others’ tutors, without having to pay?

In so far as our system is concerned, we will shortly open up tutoring to all members. You will each be able to be tutors in your respective languages. If you are just fluent in these languages, but are not native speakers, this will need to be made obvious in your profiles.

In the meantime we could set you each up as tutors. Again you should make it clear in your profile that you are fluent in Japanese but advise if this is your native language. In other words, when people to to choose tutors they will want to know more about you.

In future, all tutors will have to be at least Basic members. They will be able to earn points from tutoring.

Thanks for the post, Steve.

I’d love it if you would set up our accounts to be tutors for the moment. I’ll post the necessary info. in my profile - my friend’s account is ‘sandec’.

Nothing prevents you from talking to each other via Skype.

However if you wish to use our platform for scheduling discussions, for discussion reports, for correcting writing etc., you will still need to purchase points in order to pay your friend. What is more, LingQ will take 25% of the points that you earn as a tutor.In other words there will be a net cost to you and your friend. Do you still wish to proceed?