Have you tried the ChinesePod lessons I've imported?

I have imported three sets of ChinesePod lessons and made them available to LingQers. Some members are now using them.

The lessons I have made public are all from the early lessons that ChinesePod has allowed to be shared. The lesson series are called Chinese Pod Newbie, Chinese Pod Elementary Lessons, and Chinese Pod Intermediate Lessons. I have aimed to include English translations and Pinyin transcriptions for all of them (if any are omitted, please let me know). I myself find that having all three written forms available together makes it easy for me to ‘get into’ the meaning of the words, so that is what I have done with the more recent contributions. The lessons are in general reasonably interesting, and cover basic vocabulary and grammatical instructions.

If they prove popular I want to make more available, though as I would rather spend my time learning than putting in photos etc, I will wait and see the response before I do so. Please let me know how you get on with the lessons!

They are past my level and unfortunately Chinesepod doesn’t have high(er) level content that is freely available. I do still think the Chinesepod podcasts are on of the best.

Did you upload more “private” Chinesepod lessons that in some way I could access?

Thanks for replying, cossiemickey. What do you mean by ‘past my level’? Do you mean that they are too easy? I could download higher level lessons for you. Perhaps you could help me out with my learning if I download some for you. Write me a note on my wall.

great job! There are a few cpod courses now :

Probably more hiding in the library? It would be good if the library search function was reliable :slight_smile:

ginkgo - I couldn’t find your intermediate course? sent you a pm.

Personally, I think once you get to the intermediate cpod lessons, it is much better to dive straight to native content, than continue with higher cpod lessons.

Steve had a video on this point → Language Learning: The Biggest Mistake People Make. - YouTube

There is a mix of native courses here →

Whenever cpod run a penny special I’ll dive in and download all the elementary and intermediate dialgoues. I have thousands now (from cpod and popup). Mostly I stick with native content, but even now will still put on these types of dialogues for a few hours each week.

One thing you never really get, as a non native, is the constant exposure to a wide variety of simple everyday chatting type content, but cpod elementary and inter come close to filling this gap.

Completely agree with adding the English and pinyin for this level. But this is a lot of work for the sharer, however.

Steve had a good post including comment on interlinear English/translation → Words, Why They Matter And How To Acquire Them - The Linguist

Also, pinyin, for the first two years (and, in particular, pinyin over hanzi) is the most effective way to learn characters → How Do I Learn To Read/Write Chinese? Do I Just ... - Lan...

Lingq should consider offering “pinyin over hanzi” as a reading option for all beginners.

Alex, the library search function and the playlist function are both a bit of a mess/bother. Any chance these will ever get fixed? Playlist function completely broken at present.


Thank you, I missed the big batch of Chinesepod that includes some intermediate content. The library search option often leads me to really boring content, whilst I miss out on the interesting stuff.

I am familiar with the video of Steve in which he suggests jumping to native content, but I have not yet reached that point myself and I don’t like to review lessons over and over, I prefer going through new content every time, I read it once and check the blue/yellow words while doing so and then listen to it once. This way the content doesn’t bore me and I am still picking up a lot.

In my own learning experience I have never bothered doing the pinyin over Hanzi, but for Chinese I use ZhongWen to read the pinyin of words I don’t know. I have never felt that Hanzi was a big problem, but I guess that really depends on the learner

Actually I have most of the Chinesepod lessons on my computer, I haven’t tried importing yet, but I will give it a try soon.

I am always willing to help. Let me know how I can be of value to you