Have not received e-mail reminder about coming discussion

I noticed that Steve offers group discussions. Time is not very suitable for me – 00:00. But yesterday I found one discussion “Saturday, Jan. 23, 00:00” and signed up, as I decided that 00:00 of Saturday is Friday evening.
Today I checked my e-mail, and there was no any e-mail alert about this discussion. First, I decided that probably “Saturday, 00:00” is Saturday evening, and this time is not convenient for me as this Sunday I have to wake up early. That’s why I went to discussion page to cancel my participation, but the system said that I could not do it as it is less then 24 hours.
After that I checked trash and spam folders – no, I have not received any e-mail alert, except alerts about new forum posts and Japanese lingqs of the day.
The questions are:
– “Saturday, Jan. 23, 00:00”: is it Friday evening, or Saturday evening?
– if it is Friday evening, why I did not receive e-mail at Thursday evening?


I have no idea why you did not receive an email notice. I receive mine regularly . Is anyone else having this problem? I do see you are registered for my discussion on Jan 22, 11 am my time. I assume from your email that this is midnight Magnitogorsk time.

I am not sure how the 24 hour clock works. I do not know if midnight of Friday the 22nd should be called 24.00 on the 22nd or 00.00 of the 23rd of January. However, 00.00 of Saturday the 23rd is midnight between Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd, and cannot be midnight of the following day, (midnight between Saturday and Sunday). We cannot go from one minute before midnight on Friday night to one minute past midnight on Sunday morning.

Please mark on my wall or tell me what times are convenient for you.