Have I missed an important step?


I have been using lingQ now for the last month and I am learning Spanish, I do a bit everyday, actually over an hour between listening and reading and writing. I am recognizing a lot of endings of words, and can’t tell all the time why they end like that etc, but I am getting through a lot of content and feel I am making good progress.

However, I have heard a lot about Assimil and am wondering, because I never actually purchased a beginner Spanish grammar book if a course like Assimil would explain a lot of ‘issues’ I am having with the word endings, grammar etc.

Or would I simply be taking a step in the wrong direction by purchasing Assimil?

Please give me your advice about, if purchasing Assimil and then coming back to LingQ would be better in the long run? Also I do like translating and writing Spanish.

Oh and I used Pimsleur, phases 1-3 entirely, I did like Pimsleur but after reading and learning more about language learning it does lack the content (in my opinion).

Thanks, please reply thanks

Assimil Spanish is good and expensive ($185.00 w/CD) unless you find a bargain price. It has bite sized grammar explanations. The following two books cover more grammar and are very good for gaining a basic, solid foundation: Living language Spanish (older edition), http://goo.gl/0UXKBR, Charles Duff’s Spanish for beginners, Amazon.com. Spanish for Reading is excellent (good for translation work too): http://goo.gl/4irjSP.

By the way, I think Pimsleur is extremely useful for doing some ground work! It’s great for pronunciation practice, and the prompts are designed for automatic thinking/response conditioning.

For content rich material, there’s LingQ, the World Wide Web, Yahoo Spain and/or Mexico, You Tube, thousands of books and audiobooks, etc.

I forgot to mention one important Spanish grammar Spanish Verbs & Essentials of Grammar 2nd Edition, http://goo.gl/c9lrZ9

Those are great links Imani thank you!!