Has there ever been a meeting of lingq members in Austria?

I’m curious to know if there was ever such a meeting in Austria and how many lingq members live in Austria. Even though I’m not actively using the lingq system itself, I think it would be nice to meet some people from this site in person. I know that Colin lives in Vienna. And there are at least two or three other Austrians here (apart from me).

Would anybody be interested in a meeting in the future? I know Jolanda would love to visit Austria :slight_smile:

I only really know of Reinhard who lives near Vienna and makes some great content for the library. I recently used the exchange feature to get him to record some text in dialect, which was cool.

…and Steve has organised a meet up or two in Vienna since I have been here.

I’ve met Serge and Reinhard in December 2012 in Vienna. It war really nice, and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately Jolanda couldn’t make it. She planned to join us but it didn’t work out for her.

I forgot to mention that I really like Vienna. It is such a nice and interesting city. It was my third visit, and a friend of mine is living there. I got there by train. We can get affordable train tickets if we book 3 month in advance.

I have visited Vienna twice, and I really like it. I would find it easier, and more affordable, to attend a LingQ meeting in Vienna than in Berlin (although I’m still exploring some options to go to the Polyglot Conference without spending too much), since I can find cheap train tickets to Vienna (with no baggage allowance to pay :D).

Since there are so many fans of Vienna out there, we might actually manage to organize another meeting there :slight_smile:

I can certainly make it! I suggest July. I will be giving a public talk about the Sun on the 11th for anybody available.


@ColinJohnstone - Why hello, Dr. Johnstone :slight_smile: Sounds like an interesting talk!

@all - If you guys manage to put something concrete together let us know. We’re happy to mention it in the LingQ newsletter and promote it on Facebook.

“Dr. Johnstone”

Firstly, I am not my father, and secondly, my father doesn’t have a PhD!

I’m just super jealous that you European folk all live so close to each other and can go back and forth to all the different countries all the damn time.

ad Colin: July sounds great and I sure would love to listen to your presentation. We could choose a place along the old Danube or a nice Heurigen. We still have time to figure out when and where to meet, but we should definitely try to get a few people together. I’m sure it would be fun. Do you still have my e-mail address?

ad alex: Thanks for your support. I’m sure a bit of publicity would be helpful.

By the way, the date of my talk is probably going to change

nebulae, Well people in the US can do the same. When I lived in Atlanta…driving to Mississippi or Alabama was like going to a totally different country