Has the word per lesson limit been moved or increased

Today I imported the script for Frasier episode 13 of season 5. The script was about 3800 words long so I expected that the lesson would be cut into to parts. It didn’t however so I wonder has the word per lesson limit (used to be 2000 words) been removed or increased.

If so, then I would be very happy as one of my biggest pet peeves has been you can’t import whole chapters in to one lesson, since most chapter are longer than 2000 words.

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The limit was increased, although I don’t remember the size of the new limit.

I have gotten around this before.

  1. Copy and paste the parts of the split text (from the lesson Edit) into word.
  2. Get rid of all hidden internet keystrokes.
  3. Copy the complete revised lesson you now have in word.
  4. Paste over your original lesson entry in the Edit screen.
  5. Save and open…
    Good Luck

The lessons will split if it reaches 4000 words or more. Anything below it will not split.