Has Lingq helped you with your French studies?

Has using Lingq helped you progress in learning the French language? How often do you use Lingq?

In Canada we have to learn some French in school, I wasn’t a good student by any means but im sure it helped but maybe only gave me 100 words. In the last 3 months of using Lingq, I have read more and listened to more French than I did in the 7 or so years of French classes.

I have been using French (almost) everyday reading and listening for about 3 months now, and it has been really interesting. I have about 4k “known” words that I recognize in at least 1 context. I have had a pretty good time learning it. The last month has had huge progress compared to the first 2.

I started with the lingq mini stories and some of their other materials for the first 30 days with some other stuff sprinkled in. Now I am reading through French cooking recipes, as that is interesting to me. Also I am now reading news articles regularly and with significant improvement. I read through my first book, the little prince, and have made some connections with language learning partners and am able to have very slow but effective conversations in French.

Now I am starting to read books. honestly probably way out of my league at this point, but I am enjoying what I am reading so it doesn’t matter. I am constantly picking up and dropping material if I lose interest.

moral of the story: LingQ won’t hold your hand, but you have to find material to interest you. for me it’s recipes and lord of the rings. For you it will be something very different. I saw you posted about getting to A2. probably pretty easy through lingq if you focus on the right kind of material and find some speaking parters.

hope that helps


Tl;Dr: I think it is useful, wish I had it when I studied French the first time.

I studied French in high school, then for one semester in college. I was probably a low intermediate speaker and a high intermediate reader at the time. That was 13 years ago, I haven’t done anything in French until about a month ago when I decided I wanted to take it back up. I figured I would be basically starting from scratch, and I stumbled on lingq. I’ve been using it for about a month and I think that I have regained my reading level and maybe even improved it a bit. My listening comprehension is lagging behind, but it is catching up. I haven’t tried speaking yet, but plan to with another month or two of reading and listening under my belt.

All that to say that yes, I believe that lingq has helped me progress. At the very least, it is much more interesting than slogging through a grammar review book.