Has anyone tried mobile Skype?

Once upon a time (last night) Robin was playing phones in the bath. He had Mummy’s mobile phone in the bath. Sadly, once it got wet, it stopped working. Mobile phones aren’t nearly as much fun as a rubber duck, thought Robin. I wonder why Mum bothers to have one?

Has anyone tried these new mobile phones that make free Skype calls? Can you still make ordinary mobile calls on them too?

Signed, Grumpy from England.

And, if you have a Skype mobile phone, is Skype always on? So, for example, a forgetful person couldn’t miss their Russian lessons any more, because they had forgotten and their computer was switched off?

I have an Iphone an Skype works perfectly. In wifi calls are free, while in 3G (telephone network) will be free till the end of the year.

You can use skype in background…ie, always working, if you get an Iphone 3gs or Iphone 4.

I don’t know if other cell phones works better with skype and cost less anyway:-)

Apparently, as long as you let a cell phone dry out long enough it will eventually work again. That could take a week or so.

My husband and older son took it to bits and dried it out with a hairdryer (they have had a lot of practice at drying out consumer electronics). It works but I still fancy a Skype phone. I’m fed up of forgetting about my Russian lessons :wink:

On the subject of wet gadgetry, I once left my Creative mp3 player in a glass of water overnight. After hairdryer treatment it worked fine. Now THAT’s what I call build quality!

Was it hard to get your dentures out of your ears? :wink:

An mp3 player in a glass of water. I see. Hence the name. I mean, you can’t get more creative than this.

I didn’t MEAN to drop it in the glass of water…I was listening to the mp3 player in the middle of the night and when I put it on the bedside table, missed.

Right. When you were listening to the said mp3 player, what was it saying to you, Helen?

If I remember correctly, it was telling me that getting a Skype mobile phone would be a really, really good idea.

People I know including myself are often with the mobile phone out of power so it will not always help with getting in time for a rendez-vous to learn russian.

I think to have skype or any other voip communication on mobile phone you need a mobile internet which is more expensive

Most mobile phones have a calendar/alarm function so you could also try to get into the habit of always putting your skype conversations on that calendar… so the alarm goes off 5 minutes before your Russian lesson. But yeah I guess a skype phone would be better, I would buy an Iphone or Ipod touch though… I don’t really feel the need for a phone just for skype when I can have a phone that I can also use for other language learning things :smiley:

I have ever used i phone’s Skype to take a lesson with Marianne, but the sound quality was not so good, so I swithched to my computer. I have never used it since this moment.


I’ve bought a second hand skype mobile from someone on Amazon. The product description says, and a couple of you tube videos seem to show, that you can use the phone for free Skype calls (incoming and outgoing). I shall have a play and report back.

There are 2 kinds of mobile phones.

One that is linked to your phone line or in the case of Skype to your classical internet adsl, cable, sat, wifi or dial up (do I forget one ?). This mobile is called mobile because they have a base linked when the phone is mobile around the base - meaning you can phone around the house away from the base.

The others are phones you can use away from your phone line, sat etc in another city, even in another country - from these you need to connect to mobile internet to make a Skype call.

Skype calls are free from Skype user to Skype user - as most voip services - but you always have to pay your internet - more so your mobile internet.

Well, according to all the articles I have read, Skype-to-Skype calls will be totally and utterly free, you can make them with no credit on your account, as long as you are within the UK. If you are outside the country then you are on a foreign mobile network, and who knows what they will charge them as.

You can also connect the phone to your netbook and use it as a mobile broadband dongle. You get 150 Mbytes free data every time you buy £10 of talk time. Thereafter data is wickedly expensive so I guess you are best just checking your e-mails or doing a little light LingQing.

The network provider is 3.