Has anyone ever give you that opportunity?

Has anyone ever give you that opportunity?

Question: Is this sentence correct?
We learned the present perfect tense should be “has anyone ever given you…”.
Is it true that native speakers don’t have to follow the rule?

Thank you!!!

That is most likely a typo. You are correct it should be " has anyone ever given you "

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Don’t have to follow the rules? Does everyone speak proper English? I think you already know the answer to that, lilyyang.

Don’t worry, lilyyang. You have been taught correctly. The present perfect is has given. That doesn’t mean that you won’t ever hear a native speaker say, “Has anyone ever gave you…?” or even “Has anyone ever give you…?”

I haven’t watched this show, but going by the description, is this the Rikers inmate talking? The one who has been brought in to help fix the generator? Sometimes this type of non-standard language is used to depict someone who is underprivileged or less educated or from the rural countryside. Try not to concern yourself too much when you hear this type of grammar being used in a TV show. Just be aware that it is non-standard. You have been taught proper English.

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Wow, I’m impressed. How can you so good, just saw a picture, then you knew which show and which scene.

This is Dr. Frome talking to the inmate. In the beginning, I thought it was a typo, but I played it again and again and tried to listen to it carefully. I heard what he said was “give”. That’s why I asked.

But the last line he said was “has anyone ever said that to you before?” This one is correct.

That reminds me of something. One of my teachers who is from Canada used to tell me that he sometimes speaks improper or non-standard English because he’s a native speaker and I’d better use proper English because I’m not a native speaker.

One of the examples I still remember is the word, drunk.
That’s the best coffee I’ve ever drunk. —> The grammar is correct, but nobody says that.
He said they usually use past tense form instead of past participle for some verbs.

Oh, that’s a very good example. Must be a good teacher. It’s because ‘drunk’ is associated with someone who is inebriated (has consumed too much alcohol). He’s drunk (He is inebriated) or He’s a drunk (He is an alcoholic).

But really, we have other verbs to take the place of ‘drink.’ Like ‘have.’ So I would never say that’s the best coffee I’ve ever drank or drunk. I would say, “That’s the best coffee I’ve ever had.”

Dr. Frome, that’s played by Tyler Labine. He plays a hillbilly, Dale, in one of the funniest comedy-horror films I’ve ever seen, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. You should see it sometime.

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