Happy for you, Jill!

Hi! I listened to the latest podcast and it made me sooooo happy.
You know why, Jill. :wink: Now I am a free member without a private teacher, I though I should post here.

I thought I avoided those food you two mentioned, but I remember I once ate raw fish and had a terrible stomach ache. Since then I haven’t had raw fish very much.
Our government warns expecting women that eating too much fish containing mercury could be harmful. I guess it means you have to be careful about not only raw fish but also cooked one. If my memory is correct, I also read about it in English on the net, so this might be originally from overseas.

I am glad to know that Mark likes to eat " Sukiyaki " with eggs, though I go without them :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m writing this from Japan. This is my first time to post a message on this LingQ Forum other than questions but I have done, because I just want to say that it is great to hear that Jill is expecting a baby. When I heard Steve mentioned that Jill should eat for two or something like that on the previous podcast, I thought Steve was just joking. But now I understand why he said that. To add some more information about food during pregnancy, I don’t remember that somebody actually told me to avoid raw fish or raw eggs. I guess it’s because I was pregnant way back in the past. Instead, I was told to reduce salty food and spicy food by a nurse-midwife. In fact, I think I didn’t eat raw fish and raw eggs very often because they made me feel sick just by seeing them. Also, I personally avoided caffeine and alcohol, but of course I know a lot of friends who occasionally sipped some alcohol during pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby. These days in Japan, some pregnant women reduce or avoid eating raw or cooked eggs, due to concerns about egg allergy because food allergy of kids is a problem in Japan. But there are different opinions and we don’t know the truth.

I am really enjoyed to hear that. All good wishes for you Jill!
Only one sadness we have, I think. We will have to miss you a longer time???
Be happy, are singing and laughing - this is the best for the baby even now!!!

I’ve just listened to the new podcast and I’ve got the good news about Jill. With best wishes for Jill ! I can’t wait to hear your podcast with baby’s crying voice.

Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm and kind words! I’m happy I’m able to share my experience with all my friends at LingQ. :slight_smile:

hello there, this is my first time sharing in a forum like this, I appreciate all information you can give me about setting up an language institute. Tips atc… that´s my goal for the next year 2008, so, if peolpe have any clue how to handle this just let me know.

regards to all of you.


I finally listened to the podcast with your fantastic news. I am so happy for you, Jill. Well, about your concern of raw fish and raw eggs, I don’t think we avoid eating those in Japan.

I think they are more hygienically-processed than those in North America, to begin with. All we care seems to be avoiding alcohol and caffein as tsukotsuko mentioned.

I have never experienced pregnancy, so I am not sure if it is 100% true. You know, the non-drinking burden is certainly one of the biggest concern s of avoiding to get pregnant :slight_smile:

Thanks Emma!!

To tell you the truth, I don’t really like raw fish or eggs - I just like to eat raw cookie dough and cake batter and egg nog etc. :wink: I am avoiding alcohol - except the occasional sip of Chris’ wine - but I do have about 5 cups of coffee or tea per week. Many women I know had 1-3 cups of coffee per day while they were pregnant and everything was fine so I’ve decided that a few cups a week is nothing to worry about.