Handle separable verb prefixes in German?

What’s the best way to handle these in LingQ? Since the prefix often comes at the end, I think it’s impossible to highlight both? And it’s important for verb meaning.

What’s the best way to lingq those? Thanks!

I am not studying German right now, so others may have better advice. However, if the separation is not too great you can save a phrase with both parts of the verbs.
You can also click on the pencil beside the term you have saved and modify it. You could save the main part of the verb and add in the prefix there.
You could also Tag some of these separated verbs with whatever tags work for you.
Note that the captured phrases will often included different prefixes for some of the verbs you save. I suggest you experiment with different ways of saving these. And let’s see what our German learners can suggest.

Thanks for the suggestion!