Handle footnotes in uploaded content

Any pointers for handling footnotes in uploaded content? I am currently just removing the footnotes manually before pasting my text Into the import page; I lose the footnotes that way though and it would be nice to keep them. If there is a way to include them with custom markup or something I would love to know.

I already suggested to staff that an improvement to the notes function is required.

Ideally, you could write your footnotes in the note section and have a little icon displayed next to the word or in the margin of the text. You could then hover on the icon and your footnote would be displayed.

Sadly it doesn’t seem to rank very high on the developers’ list of priorities because, apparently, not many of us use that function.


Thanks for the info, I appreciate knowing that there indeed is no way.

It seems like footnotes are not uncommon in translated texts, where the translator wants to clarify a point of the translation. They are often quite interesting! While not essential I hate to strip them.