Hallo everyone!

hi, im new here and i try to learn engish!!! if you want help me, plase!! add me in skype or facebook to practice my poor english… … i from mexico so i speak espanish and if you want, i can help you too.

Hi! and i’m new here I wat too learn english.I m from Lithuania .I very want to find a friends with ich I Will be able to communicate in English language.

Hello! im new here, im from Lithuania:) i would like to learn english with somebody. My facebook Dove Aksionovaite. I be waiting for people, which want to learn english together!:slight_smile: Bye:)

If anyone still needs help with English, I would be more than willing to help you. Let me know!

I need help !!! :slight_smile:

if you want to practice your English me too i am here together we can do more
skype improve27

hello Bamboocha

Hi everybody

I want to practice English too. My name in skipe is lider270

hi all i want English practide ,i’m new here

If you need help in English, I can help. MY mother tongue is English so I believe I could be helpful :slight_smile:

Hi this is adam from India… i m doing my M.Tech., in Nano Technology and i know Tamil , Telugu , Hindi as well as English well… and now i have started to learn German… and trying to improve my English to the level of my best… for that only i become a member of this LingQ family… i like to have a frndship with people who wants to share their English, German, Hindi with me…


Skype ID: adam_chennai

Hi dears, I’m Sayna from Iran-Tehran, I now become familiar with this site and I find in so itresting…nice to see many friends here, I have finished my Eng and these days I enroll at Deustch class! have fun dearrrrrrrrrrrs :slight_smile: love u

Hi chemadmas! I know just chaltehain and nameste !!! LOL hope u teach us more :wink: