Guillermo and Mariano podcasts

I really love these podcasts. They introduced me to the Argentinian accent and have been tremendously helpful (as have the Rafael & Patricia podcasts). My question is: are they members of this forum? Did they create content specifically for LingQ, or were they found somewhere else? I’d love to find more of them if they exist elsewhere.

I love their podcasts also, I think Mariano and Guillermo are hilarious, and I like the Argentinian accent. I want more too.

I agree.

@Chris, aybee, Jingle - I’m glad you like these podcasts and I have to say that the descriptions of these podcasts make me want to learn Spanish so I can listen to them too! Both the Guillermo/Mariano and Rafael/Patricia podcasts were produced under contract for LingQ. They are not LingQ members and other podcasts do not exist. We could ask them to produce more although if we did, we would probably sell any new episodes in the Store. Am I correct in assuming that given a choice Guillermo and Mariano are preferred?

Well, yes, but…I have to admit that one of the main reasons I choose G/M above the other LingQ podcasts is that I often listen to the podcasts over my computer speakers while doing something else close to my computer, and I can simply hear those two voices better than the others!

Yes, the G/M would be preferred for the very reason Jingle mentioned - the sound quality is exceptional. I would be willing to pay for new podcasts, since the effort that goes into them is clearly substantial.

One effect it has had on my studies is that I simply cannot choose an accent to go with, since a good chunk of my listening is now Argentinian Spanish, although I have more chances to visit Spain. Decisions, decisions…

I prefer the G/M podcasts for a few reasons: one, being both 20 something males, I can personally related to them and some of the experiences they have. Also, Patricia speaks very softly sometimes and it is difficult to make out what she is saying without the volume turned up way too loud.

As far as Spanish from other accents is concerned, I know Berta y Oscar conversations exist in the library, as well as Berta/ alsuvi podcasts which represent Spanish from Spain. What do we have available from Mexico? Are there any 5-15 minute conversations (spoken at real speed) available in the library?

So I suppose the lack of response means there aren’t any “conversation collections” in the library by Mexican speakers?

I haven’t seen any.

Go to the Library and choose advanced search. Then search by accents for Mexico. See what you find.

Así que hace el pez en el mar… Nada

Yesterday, I tried to look for content read in Latin American accent and could only find a few LingQ podcasts, two low-quality lessons by a Colombian member (the audio is really impossible to listen to) and a lot of uninteresting content from Radialistas and Professor Krem or something like that.
Although Castillan is my favourite Spanish accent, I think you should encourage the creation of new, interesting content in Latin American accents.
Maybe there are some lessons with these accents, but they aren’t labeled.

Michele is right, only one of the Guillermo and Mariano podcasts shows up when you search by the Argentina accent, they should all show up of course, they are Argentinian. Also, none of the Rafael and Patricia podcasts show up for the South America accent search, which, being that they are from Uruguay, I would assume they should. This leads me to believe that many of the lessons are not categorized under the correct accents or haven’t been categorized at all. This is why I asked on the forum if anyone knew of conversations between Mexicans, in the hope that there were some good ones not labeled.

It would also be neat to see the accent of the lesson in the library next to the other meta information (category, provider, type, duration etc.)

I’m just starting to add the accent labels to the SpanishLingQ collection and later on to some other collections I am familiar with. I liked SpanishLingQ #17 about Mexican food and marked it as Mexican. Unfortunately there is no audio for #15. You can also search for Liszeth’s podcasts (tutorías de Liszeth and other lessons) for a Mexican accent. I hope this helps a bit.

Who would like to get involved in improving the Spanish library, culling bad content, making sure the accents are indicating, finding more providers etc.? Maybe I should start a thread on this subject. Any interest?

I can label uncategorized Spanish content and report low-quality lessons whenever I find them.

Wow! New Guillermo/Mariano podcasts! I have already paid for and listened to one of them. It was great!

Wow, I’d have never known had you not pointed it out! I plan on buying them this weekend, yet I haven’t made my way through the ones in the SpanishLingQ collection yet, getting close to the end though…

Yes, we have added a new collection of podcasts in the Paid Lessons shelf from Guillermo and Mariano! Enjoy!

Awesome stuff, thanks very much!!