Guess the accent

Guess the accent in the video below:

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I say Albanian.

Most definitely German.

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Interesting, Diotallevi! Well, since you’re German, I think you should be able to recognize a German accent as well as anyone. All I could really say is that I know it’s not Dutch. I can usually spot a Dutch accent with no problem.

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Apart from the accent in general, there are two revealing details I recognized (don’t know how specific they are, but they are typical):
mispronunciation w → v (in wolf)
hundred instead of one hundred (in German, we can just say hundert for 100 but to avoid misunderstandings in certain situations we also say einhundert).

nice observation. I never even caught that. same in Dutch: honderd and the w sounds like v. Also some (but not all) Dutch pronounce the lf like two distinct syllables: wol’-lef. 11 = el’-lef. But of course he doesn’t sound Dutch at all. This particular person also sounds kind of Asian to me. I would never have guessed German! Henry Higgins I am not.


This particular person

I would say he is very accomplished, isn’t he? Hides his accent quite well :slight_smile:
Liked your mentioning of Henry Higgins :slight_smile:

I’ve probably mentioned this somewhere before, but I like that your profile photo is the Mandelbrot set…

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Thanks :slight_smile:
It was the result of a level 1b quest in Java :slight_smile: