Green "plus icon" to delete lesson !?

In the updated design it appears that the way to delete a lesson is to hover over a green button with a plus icon on it. That green button then transforms into a red trashcan. Clicking on the red trash can triggers a delete prompt. There are so many UI/UX design principles being broken here. Why not just have the icon always be a red trashcan? Why hide that action? A green plus icon is, for most people, going to hint at it being an “add” action, like adding a new lesson to a course.

I don’t claim to be a UI expert, but I have designed a few web apps in my time and I do know some basic UI/UX design principles.

I have taken a few courses from this guy: and have found them to be very good (I’m not associated an any way). He also has a pretty good blog with a lot of useful (and free) tips.

I’m not trying to be mean or insulting, I’m just very… concerned.


Hi LingQ Team

Yes, I agree with bdm comments, I thought the same when I first saw it too.
It seemed strange to hover over a green + icon then immediately it changes to delete prompt … I initially expected it would add the particular lesson to the ‘continue studying’ list without me having to open the lesson to add to my lessons … (almost like youtube has an ‘add to watch later’ function) … at least there’s a check step so some things not deleted in error.

Br, Frank

I agree. I though it meant add and it took me a while to get used to it. Sometimes it changes from (+) to (-), others to the red trashcan.

The confusion increases also because there are sometimes dark greens and light greens icons with a (+) in it. I still have to figure out what are those light greens when they are already inside the “continue studying”.

Btw, it doesn’t correspond to the same logic on other icons in LingQ. Because for example, when studying a lesson, in the vocabulary “new words”, there are icons with the trashcans for just deleting words.

Seems that on Netflix, which LingQ is in some ways trying to emulate, the plus sign changes to a checkmark (when added to a list), and then clicking the checkmark turns it back to a plus sign (and removes it from the list). Does this behavior make more sense to people?

Completely agree. This is very confusing at best. When you hit delete, there is also a message saying “removed from continue studying” that appears.

There should be 2 buttons:

  • Delete permanently
  • Archive

An option to bulk tick the lessons we want to delete or archive would be welcome too.