Green navigation button and bar

When clicking on the green navigation button at the top of the LingQ window, the reader jumps two sentences to the right, instead of one.
So, it jumps from sentence 1 to sentence 3 to sentence 5. When I am on, say, sentence 20, the reader jumps to sentence 22, then 24 …

I can’t reproduce that, seems fine on my end. Just click on it. hold and drag right and it will show you the page to move on. I tried and was able to move between pages normally - 1 >2>3>4 etc…

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Thank you for trying! When I do what you do, it works fine for me as well. That is how I do it to circumvent the issue. That is not what I was talking about. When you click-and-release on the green button, that is when the cursor/button jumps two sentences further instead of jumping to the next one.
When you click-and-drag the button, it works fine, but it is tricky to do when the text is very long and the steps are very close together. I can also post a recording of what I mean, but I am not sure I can do that here. If not, I could always send you an e-mail.

You aren’t actually supposed to click on it to move pages, you are supposed to slide it to a page you want to go.
Why would you click on it to move on to next page when you can click on the right arrow instead?

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I get that, but since the right arrow does not (always) work, and I remain stuck on the same sentence, I have to find something that does work and a click on that green button moves me forward when the right button does not work. It is just a pity that it jumps two sentences further instead of one. I never even tried clicking on it before I got the problems with the arrow keys and the arrow buttons.

I have the impression that the navigation buttons and arrows work properly now, so now my primary reason for using the green button and bar has been rendered moot. Great!

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