Greek alphabet

I’m putting letters of the ancient Greek alphabet (under Greek language) into LingQ. The text will go in correctly but when reviewing in flashcards no capitalization of any of the letters will be shown in the term window.

See the attached screenshot in MS Word. On the top is the text showing Alpha in capital and lower case. On the second page of the screenshot you can see that it automatically reduces the capital to a lower case also so the flashcard shows two lowercase letters only.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?

[dear God, I can’t attach a screenshot…

… it doesn’t actually link to my external cloud file it inserts a picture… one loses the will to live.

Hopefully someone will get the gist…


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Capitalization is lost when you save LingQs, that’s how it work in all languages at the moment. We do know it can be a problem for some languages, mostly users complain for German, and we’ll see if we can make changes and improvements there.

Hi I have the same problemin modern Greek. Another one is that LingQ does not support leading apostrophes which often occur in modern Greek. I (kind of) solve these problems by adding tags. I also add a note when it seems useful.

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