Great new Japanese content in the Pattern series

Our member airplanebiscuit has recorded over 15 minutes of Japanese patterns, both in long form and short casual form. Excellent quality. Complete with translation into English.

Enjoy and tells us what you think. Thank you airplanebiscuit.


Wow, all this Japanese content looks great. I’m having a harder time taming my desire to learn some Japanese than normal.

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I like that this lesson is lengthy but still manages to keep it simple. I think I’m starting to get a better idea of what you’re looking for in these “pattern” lessons. At first I was thinking that you were going for something close to a phrase book. Useful, but not enough examples to really drill in anything. Now I’m getting the impression that you are looking for something more like the a list of examples that a good text book would have of a grammar pattern. As in, “here’s 10 example sentences using this grammar pattern you just learned”. I think this is my favorite pattern lesson so far.

I clicked it out of curiosity, Now I have japanese on my list of languages.