While we do not stress grammar instruction here at LingQ, we recognize that people are curious about the structure of the language they are learning. One solution is to buy a small grammar book and read it from time to time.

The first time you just skim the book to get a general idea, since the explanations seem complicated and you do not have much of an idea of the language. Then as time goes on you are able to refer to the grammar book for more detailed explanations which now start to make sense. Still you cannot really remember the rules, but the explanations help you get used to certain patterns that you have noticed in the language.


Members should submit writing about what they find difficult in the grammar of the language they are studying. These should be short pieces on some aspect of grammar. They can state what points of grammar the learner feels is important. or they can ask questions about the grammar.

The written submission will be corrected. The tutor may also provide a short explanation. The submission and the explanation from the tutor will then be added as content in LingQ.

I think that it is important to start with a view of the grammar or structure of the language from the perspective of the learner, not the perspective of the native speaker. I do not know what is difficult in English, but I know what I find confusing or difficult in Russian or Korean.

Please let me know your views. If you agree, then start writing your grammar explanations and questions about the language that you are studying. I am going to do it in Russian.

I hope that it is clear that it is the corrected version of the written submission that will be included as content in LingQ.