Got billed after downgraded

as you can see from my activity, i haven’t used the website for a few weeks, because i downgraded. but, i’ve been billed. now, when i go back and try to downgrade again, an error pops up. i know for a fact i downgraded a few weeks ago and now that it’s saying i haven’t downgraded and when i try to downgrade again an ERROR pops up, well, it makes me very dubious. $10 for me, as a college student, isn’t very nice to have yanked out of my pocket… is there any way to have that charge removed and have me finally downgrade? because i’m literally incapable of downgrading at the moment.

That seems very strange. We aren’t hearing that from anyone else so must be some localized problem you are experiencing. What exact steps are you taking to downgrade? It’s probably best for you to just email support and they can look after you.

sorry, just found the support e-mail, couldn’t find it before so i posted here

here’s a picture of the issue, all i’m doing is attempting to downgrade, i don’t think there is any different way to go about clicking on downgrade…

Please check your email. I replied you there and solved your issue. Thanks!