Google users

Hi! I’m redesigning my homepage with iGoogle and it dawned on me that Google users (those who have a gmail account) here on LingQ could share their gmail addresses. When one adds someone as a friend on google some nice things can be done:

  • voice and video chat (without skype)
  • text chat
  • sharing google documents
  • sharing feeds, bookmarks and youtube videos
  • creating youtube videos to be seen only by your friends
    and on, and on, google offers an army of services

One suggestion for LingQ: what about creating a Google Group of LingQ? Not for communication purposes (that too if necessary), but also for advertising.

I think we would prefer to keep the conversation here on LingQ and on our blogs. Not to mention the Twitter feed and Facebook Fan page and group page… :slight_smile: You can only keep track of so many things. Actually, we had a Google Group for TheLinguist but we didn’t pay much attention to it and it didn’t do much for us.

Adalberto, I like your suggestion of Google Integration among LingQ users, but I also understand mark’s standpoint that too many social networking connections can become difficult to manage, especially because there are only so many hours in a workday.

Here’s what I did, I changed my email addresses on my LingQ profile to my gmail address and made it visible to my friends, this way anyone who I have friended can contact me over gmail / google chat, and all the good stuff you mentioned. Friends will have to manually manage thier “Google Contacts” of their LingQ friends, but I think it is an acceptable workaround.

In fact, you can test it out, my gmail address should be visible to you by now!