Google Translate directly in LingQ

I’ve just uploaded to YouTube a short screen cast with a short look at using of the new Google Chrome translation feature with LingQ. Maybe you’ll find it useful. Chrome automatically detect a language of webpage and offer translation.

By the way, what do you think about automatic/software/hardware translators, not only Google Translate? Not as handy tools in a process of learning languages but as a replacement of learning languages? Do you believe that someday in the future software translators will be so prefect that we can’t differentiate between a translation made by a real man and a translation made by software? If yes, when it will be, within a couple of years or rather tens of years or maybe hundreds ? I’ve been watching Google Translate since its beginning, and even though it is still far from perfection they did a big progress since the start. I believe that it is only a question of time. In my opinion it will be the truth within less than twenty years, of course I think about prose not poetry. To right poetry translations by software/computers we first have to build an artificial intelligence :slight_smile: and this in my opinion will take us more than 20 years.

What do you think?

I think that a human being is such an incomplete machine that real machines cannot imitate the behavior of a human being completely.

I just don’t see translation software like google translate replacing actual human translators. Humans have the understanding of idioms while a computer based software won’t. I can see them helping future translators but the full translation based software like google translate won’t be able to replace the human way of thinking.

We will never know what technology can do. In a language there is a finite number of combinations. I believe it is possible for a computer to come close to the accuracy of a human translator.

Well, translation software made the big steps in the last few years. I don’t believe it eventually will do perfect translation but you can save pretty much time using it for the rough translation of the long texts, or to just understand what it is about in a totally unknown language.