Google Chrome extension and other issues


I wonder what the Chrome extension is supposed to do. I have installed it, disabled my adblocker, but when I click on the two choices in the application bar (open on Lingq/Lingq here), nothing happens, apart from a small blue message appearing in the application window (‘downloaded to lingq’, or ‘loading lingqs’
I tried it for this page for example: - Free and Daily Spanish Podcasts

In a video demonstration I saw, I got the impression, that the extension magically transforms a selected text into Lingq format, even outside of

Also in the review vocabulary section (dictation), the word count does not add read words to my progress and I usually add some in manually from time to time.

Next: when going through the flash cards (from lingqs of the day), and I have marked them with the green tick, those cards still remain in that card pile, even if all the cards in the stack are green ticked. The counter in the top right corner of the exercise cards does not count down, and the same stack of 50 gets re-presented over and over again. Perhaps it is meant to be like that!?

When I green-tick expressions in the list which appears below the section with the four exercises (flashcards, cloze…), those words and phrases also seem to remain (forever?). Is it only by selecting 1,2 or 3 in the status option?

How do I (or even should I) get rid of green-ticked words and phrases, so they do not show up any more? I remember when I once deleted a pile of 50, they were deducted from my known word count, at least I got that impression.
Having an eternal and ever increasing pile of expressions for review, makes the vocabulary section somewhat cumbersome.

Next: previously there was a status option to select ‘show phrases only’ in the vocabulary review section. This option seems to have gone now.

In the status selection drop down, there is the ‘importance’-option. How is this ‘importance’ selected? Can I select it or is it done by convention?

Thanks for your help! I know it’s a lot of questions…
Meow… :)))

Hi! I’m happy to answer your questions. :slight_smile:

  1. The Chrome Extension should work on most pages. In this case, the text exists within a container, so the extension looks to be having trouble identifying this text properly. For this lesson, I might recommend importing it manually, as the formatting isn’t currently compatible with the extension.

If you try it on another site, such as a new site, or a forum, or something else, it should hopefully work properly. If you do run into issues, though, please let us know!

  1. Words of Reading is only automatically incremented once: the first time you complete a lesson. Afterwards, you can use the counters within the lesson, or you can manually adjust your words of reading to reflect reading done both on and off the site.

  2. The LingQs of the Day list for each day is static, so once you review the words successfully, if you go back to that same list you will see the same words. The benefit of moving words to known is that they will no longer appear in future LingQs of the Day lists.

As you noted, they still do appear in your list of vocabulary terms, but they won’t be sent to you for future review. They will still exist, however, and you can reduce the status of these words in the future should you forget any of them or want to review them again.

  1. I’m not immediately sure on this one… let me follow up and get back to you!

  2. Importance is determined based on how frequently a word appears in lessons on LingQ. The importance is indicated by the number of asterisks next to a term either on the Vocabulary page or in the yellow window where you can edit a LingQ. It’s useful if you’re looking to review more commonly occurring words first.

thank you Alex, you were very helpful!

Hi Alex,
I have now double checked the word count after I have yet again successfully finished the dictation lesson of my daily lingqs. However no adjustment to my today’s counter was made.

I have observed this on several occasions and recently try to do the dictation exercise regularly, as it not only helps with spelling, but also word recognition and recall. (the automated voice is quite a challenge to understand).

I am not too fussed about the missing word count update though, I just wanted to bring it to your attention.

Meow… :))


Yes, to clarify the “Words of Reading” statistic won’t be incremented automatically for any vocabulary-review activities. You’ll have to manually increase it.

Also, correct answers in dictation don’t increase the status of the LingQ, as knowing how to spell a word doesn’t necessarily indicate that you also know what the word means :slight_smile:

On the “Show Phrases Only” option on the Vocabulary page, it seems this was removed unintentionally - we’re doing lots of updates in the back end to improve performance across a variety of different pages - but this should be back in our next update, hopefully in the next couple of days!