Google Chrome: Can't create Lingq's with more than 1 word

Hello peps,
I love learning new vocab in groups/ phrases. The problem is, I can’t create new Lingq’s with more than 1 word in Google Chrome. I have updated the browser but it still won’t work :(.

The following text pops out, if I want to try it:

,To create a LingQ for a sentence, please select 9 words from the same sentence."

,Um für einen Satz ein LingQ zu erstellen, bitte wähl vom gleichen Satz 9 Wörter aus." (original in GER)

It works just fine via App, but I really wanna do it in Chrome.

Can anyone help me out?

Fyi: I have Premium.

Sorry to hear that. I asked our team to investigate the issue you reported.

I use chrome. I have same issue if Lingq considers the words don’t belong to the same sentence. In that case I edit both sentences to merge them. Once done, I can create a lingq with more than one word.

For instance,
sentence 1 : I edit both
sentence 2 : sentences to merge them

I cannot create a lingq with “both sentences” as they belong to two different sentences.

Thanks :slight_smile: