Google Chrome Add-on for Mandarin Chinese

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I apologize if this is not the right place to ask this question. I was wondering if anyone has found any websites with Chinese characters that are compatible with the LingQ Chrome add-on. The add-on works for me in other languages, however, for the 20+ websites I tried it on in Chinese it consistently says that “This text looks like it is not in the selected language. Confirm the selected language and try again.” when Chinese is selected or the following error code “unsupported operand type(s) for +: "NoneType" and "int"". I reached out to support and it was confirmed this is a known issue on some sites, I’m just wondering if anyone has found anyway to leverage this tool for Mandarin.

I think the add on can be incredibly helpful to efficiently scan each days news. Any help is appreciated!


Yeah I’ve never found any websites that work for it with Chinese either.

I would suggest using the Chairman’s Bao, it has it’s own built it system similar to linq, although I always just import the articles into Lingq. All the material corresponds with HSK level so it makes it good for studying as well.

Unfortunately I’ve encountered the same problems.

I use the “Zhongwen” pop-up dictionary extension for google chrome when I want to quickly read relatively difficult online content (which for me is mainly just The New York Time’s Chinese articles). I’ve found it super helpful so far. No longer having to individually look-up words in every sentence is really motivating haha

If I want to study a topic/article more carefully, I’ll manually import it into LingQ in order to access the vocabulary-building tools. But at least for Chinese, I find that casual reading (ie. not intensely focusing on perfect translation/not utilizing a dictionary) is incredibly important because it forces me to use context clues & knowledge of character radicals to guess.

I hope LingQ will be able to fix this issue because the extension would definitely be helpful if it were compatible!

Hi everyone,
We are looking into the issue. Thanks for your patience!

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Thanks for the recommendation for the pop-up dictionary extension for Google. It seems to be a good alternative.

Hi Zoran,

I know we spoke of this before but I wanted to see if anyone else was having a similar experience. Thanks for your help!

Hi Justin

I’ve been using Chairman’s Bao since it came out and I agree its great material. I believe they are releasing their first app for IOS and Android sometime this week, which i’m looking forward to.

When you upload the articles do you bring the audio in as well? Any chance I can access the articles you’ve already brought in?

I notice you are currently in Taiwan and have been studying Chinese for about the same length of time as me. Would love to chat about material/methods when you have a chance.


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Hey Joe, yeah for fure, the only problem is I’ve never really been able to figure out how to share resources through Lingq.

Also if you ever want to share resources outside of Lingq(I have 8 books in Simplified I could send you) just find me on Facebook, my full name is Justin Mohr and my picture is the same as my Lingq one.