Going to the next lesson in playlist

Under a lesson there are the links to go to the next lesson of the various playlists the current lesson is part of. However, when I click the link to go to the next lesson in my playlist it seems to go to the next lesson in the course (or perhaps some other playlist). It would be a nice timesaver for me if this could be fixed. Otherwise I find it quite cumbersome to find the next lesson.

@neofight78 - Would you be able to send us a link to the lesson you’re referring to? Also, is the playlist that you’re trying to work through a private playlist that you created, or a public playlist that you found in the Library?

It’s a private list I’m working through. I have half a course, then some other lessons, and then finally the rest of the course. It’s on lesson 13 of “Who is she?” that it happens:

@neofight78 - OK, we’ll take a look into this and see what might be going on. In the meantime, perhaps you can just go back to the My Lessons section then open the playlist again to start the next lesson.

@neofight78 - I checked into this in more detail and it seems to be working properly when clicking on “Open next lesson from …” link that goes to my playlist. We do notice that it is showing all public playlists here, and will see what we can do to reduce the number of options that show to avoid any confusion.

Would you be able to open the lesson again and ensure that you are clicking on the correct link just so we can make sure it works?

Hi Alex, thanks for looking into it but it still doesn’t work for me.

@neofight78 - Hmm, do you have any other playlists you could try this with? Or perhaps just create a new playlist and add a few lessons to see if that new playlist works?

If you can reproduce the issue with a new playlist this should help us track down what exactly is happening, otherwise it may be helpful to try this from your account directly to take a look at your current playlist.

I’ve created another playlist called Test that shows the same problem. HTH.

@neofight78 - OK, in that case please provide specific steps on how you created this playlist, what lessons you added, and what you are clicking so that we might be able to fully understand what is happening. The alternative is to record a quick screencast with a program called Jing (Screen Capture Software | Snagit | TechSmith) then perform all these actions and send us a link to the screencast.

  1. Add lesson 13 of “Who is she?” to a new playlist
  2. Add a lesson from another course to the new playlist
  3. Add lesson 14 of “Who is she?” to the new playlist
  4. Go to lesson 13 of “Who is she?” (i.e. the first lesson in the playlist) click on the link to go to the next lesson in the newly created playlist.
  5. You should be taken to the lesson from a different course (i.e. the second lesson in the playlist), but instead you get taken to lesson 14 of “Who is she?” (i.e. the third lesson in the playlist)

I hope that makes sense?

@neofight78 - Ah, I see. That makes sense now. It looks like our system is automatically gathering lessons from the same course together. If you would like to change the order of the lessons so it switches back and forth between different courses, I would recommend going to the playlist then clicking “Edit Playlist” to adjust the position of the lessons. This will give you control over what order they show up in.

By the way, you’ll find in your current playlist that if you click “Open next lesson…” from Part 14, you’ll be then sent to the lesson from the other course.

In both my existing playlist and the test one I created, the position values are set to the order I want. So that can’t be the solution, it seems that this ordering is getting ignored or overridden somehow.

@neofight78 - What I mean is that when you add them to the playlist our system is automatically organizing the lessons in the playlist based on which course they belong to. If you click “Edit Playlist” and scroll down, you will see that the position numbers are batched based on which course they are a part of. After going in and creating a Playlist, you can then go to Edit Playlist and adjust the position numbers at the bottom to your specific preferences.

This is something that I will add to our list, as I don’t think it should be automatically assigning position numbers based on course, but for now you can use the workaround above if you want it to go back and forth between multiple courses as you move through the playlist.

As I said above, I these numbers are correct for me. In the existing playlist, I had already set these numbers to the order I want, and in the new test playlist, when I went to to change them they were already set correctly. It’s not the point of adding lessons where the problem is. The position numbers are getting ignored when using the link to advance to the next lesson in the playlist.

@neofight78 - I see. I did test this with the example case you gave above and it seemed to work. Would you be able to publish this playlist so that I can try the same one you’re using?

Aha! In my playing about, I think I may have made an interesting discovery. I had a private lesson for the middle item, when I swapped this for a public lesson, the link worked correctly. When I changed it back to a private lesson, it got skipped over again as before. So it looks like the fact it’s a private lesson has something to do with it. Does that give you enough to reproduce the issue?

@neofight78 - Ah, that may be it. :slight_smile: I’ll let you know if we need any additional information. In the meantime, it’s on our list and we’ll get to this when we have a chance!

Great, thanks for your patience in going through it all.