Going to get confused

Hurrah! New tutors! New courses! I’m so excited!

I am booking up regular Russian and German chats, I’m down for a French course too, it’s going to be all go here.

Just one question…is there one place on lingQ where I can keep track of everything I am booked up for, as a student (as opposed to as a tutor), in all languages? If not, could we (one day) have one please? If I could see them on my calendar along with all my events that I am hosting as tutor that would be good too. And if the system was bright enough to spot when I have double-booked myself, that would be absolutely brilliant. Twice now a tutor has Skyped me and reminded me of a speaking session I had completely forgotten about. Thank you Serge for not letting me forget!

Hi Helen,

We would eventually like to have a combined calendar. We don’t have it yet. Steve is also very keen to have this. In the meantime, you will just have to try and keep track manually.

Great idea Helen,

In the meantime…you may want to consider using “outlook express” if it is already installed on your computer. As long as it is running in the background, it will remind you of when you are schedule…you can even set alarms for days, hours, or minutes in advace of your appointments. It will also notify you if you are overbooked.

I use Google calendar…if only I could figure out an easy interface way to load all my LingQ sessions onto it. There’s about 40 a week you see, it’s slow transferring them individually.

Eventually it would be nice if we could generate an iCal feed from LingQ that would display all LingQ events in Google Calendar or whatever online calendar people use. That is in our list…but is in the 'it would be nice" category.

Fair enough Mark! I know it’s not a major priority for you. LingQ has most activities well organised for students and tutors, there’s only a couple of tasks that allow scope for me to make a mistake as long as I am checking my tutor page frequently.