Going from Spanish to Portuguese

Hey guys. I’ve just started Portuguese here on Lingq and naturally Im finding many similarities with Spanish (of which i am just about an advanced student). I know ultimately it’s up to me to try and see for myself, but do you guys think that my knowledge of spanish means I may as well take the intermediate lessons in the library instead of trying to dive my way through all of the beginner content.

I started French recently for fun and because I was going to France. After about 3 days, I was using the intermediate lessons and I have no experience with any romance language. I think you should certainly go straight into the intermediate stuff, or even the advanced stuff. The beginner stuff is so boring.

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hehe, thanks colin

That’s the advantage of studying Spanish or Portuguese, once you master one of them the other one comes almost as an included “bonus” language.
Even so I’d go through the beginner lessons too in order to meet and know the subtle (but important) differences that exist between both languages. Of course you will be able to do those lessons in no time since you already know Spanish but I strongly recommend you to try them anyway.
At the end of the day, as you said, it’s up to you; it is a matter of learning styles.

I’m with Colin. Go for the intermediate stuff right away. I started Spanish a month ago. With my background in French (and English), I was able to start out reading things rated at the intermediate level, and even certain things rated Advanced. A month into my studies I’m enjoying the local Spanish language radio station and breezing through Agatha Christie in Spanish.


I recommend going for the intermediate or authentic stuff for interest, but also occasionally going back and doing the beginner stuff in order to focus on the details of the language. I would also get a small grammar book to review from time to time.


cheers guys :slight_smile:

As a native Portuguese speaker, I think you will easily understand written Portuguese, however, listening (without a written support) and speaking won’t be so easy. Pronunciation is quite different. I never studied Spanish and I can read in Spanish, but speaking is a different thing, I never know if I’m just speaking Portuguese with a Spanish accent or if it is real Spanish.