Goals for 2010!

Actually now, looking over my goals for this year I realize I risk spreading myself far too thinly. So as painful as it might be, I’m going to just focus on refining my French and German and spend most of my time on Mandarin. I think that’s a lot more realistic and the results will likely bear more fruit. We’ll see how this goes now.

My goals for 2010 are to improve my English language skills from intermediate to advanced

CILS B1 (Italian)
CAE C (English)

Yes, it will be desperately hard. In LingQ I trust :slight_smile:

my language goals for 2010:
To pass the C1 (Advanced 1) exam in German in April. Start learning French in May and be able to understand most of the conversation at my partners family over christmas.

In preparation for a potential summer trip, to be a better conversationalist, and to finish what I started years ago and then abandoned (though I know I’ll never be ‘done’ ;]), I intend to continue spending a few hours a day over the next several months listening to Swedish podcasts and radio, reading a new novel at least every other week with accompanying audio when available, and speaking less and less English in response to my friend’s native language. It seems like every time I open my mouth I find myself pronouncing something way different from how I would have just a couple of weeks ago, pronouncing vowels with certain subtleties I could hardly discern a few months ago, etc., so I’m pretty excited to hear how I’ll sound later this year.

After that there’s only the matter of deciding whether I’d like to move on to Spanish, or French, or Japanese, or Korean, or… I may not have as much time available in the future, but I can see myself setting some aside for language for years to come.

Hi Chris. Thanks for this post, I think its a really good idea to plan out your goals for the upcoming year. You have now inspired me to organise my thoughts and plan my intentions for the year ahead :slight_smile:

Improve my German skills. I want to read and listen to a lot more German. I plan to start using LingQs capability to have conversations to German tutors and to have my writing corrected.

I want to get to 2500 known words in Spanish.

As soon as I have finished school in July, I want to continue learning Mandarin Chinese after having stopped because of time issues.

Finally I would like to become a successful tutor of English here on LingQ. Hopefully I can help people improve their English, and earn points that I can use to improve my German and Spanish.

Goals for future (not only 2010)
Learn Japanese (Preference for this one)
Learn also Russia, Swedish, German any any other I find interesting
Forget my country’s language ( or reduce the use, but this is for far future, since I MUST speak portuguese) since I hate it, ti’s too complex, easy to make mistakes and has many bad meanings
Reach 65 kg

Forget the last one since it’s out of the subject

I plan to train as an English teacher :smiley:

I just try to get in some language time everyday. I can usually meet this goal.

My plan is
in Chinese to know 5000 words ( now 3000), to finish Hanyu jiao cheng third volume, to pass third grade exam in March, and to try HSK exam,
in English to know 10000 words ( now 7400), to re-try TOEIC at least once naturally without preparing…
in French to know 30000 words (now 21600) to pass Futuken fist grade (Advanced) in June, to pass DALF C1 (Advanced 1)

One of my plans is to move at least a fraction of my “known words” into my active vocabulary.

I forgot to say, increasing words and passing exam are not so important. Actually exams cost much money.

Here are my principal plans

in Chinese, to finish my favorite books (especially Hanyu jiao cheng third volume)
in English, listening to daily news
in French, listening to daily news (RFI, Radio Japon, etc)

to use known words during speaking or writing

By december 31 2010 I want to be able to understand and to write well in french and hopefully to be able to speak it without and awful pronunciation. :wink:

Goal: Good command of English
Target: Speak + write English like a native by 31 Dec’10

Goal: Basic German
Target: Pick up German again in June, finish the introductory level by 31 Dec’10

without compromising my relationship with family and friends, full-time job, part-time study and running schedule. :slight_smile: