Goal changed from 13 to 50. Can't change it back :/

Several days ago my daily goal for Portuguese changed from 13 to 50 and I can’t change it back. I’ve continued to do my 13 a day but have no interest in being forced up to 50. I’ve now lost my streak and there is nothing I can do about it.

I was happy being able to do 13 a day since mid 2020. I’m annoyed that the app will now look like I’m not using it on a daily basis because I’m not doing 50 words a day.

Why did this change happen? Why can’t I go back to my casual goal? Why can’t I set my own goal? I’ve been paying for this app for almost 2 years. This is a real disappointment.

The Daily goal is now based on Coins earned, no longer LingQs created. To keep your streak alive you need to earn 50 coins per day, and that’s not hard to do. Give it a try!
Here’s how you can earn coins: https://lingq.wixanswers.com/kb/en/article/how-to-earn-coins-and-what-to-do-with-them


I have no interest in this. I don’t want to learn a points system just to track my learning. This is overcomplicated and extremely annoying. I want my simple count back.

It’s not really complicated. If you check the article I posted above, you will see that the whole “Earn coins” system is explained in a few sentences.


It is not for you to say what is complicated for other people. I am telling you that it is too complicated for me. I want a simple count. I shouldn’t have to reference a points chart. I just want to know how many words I’ve learned. I do not want a complex method of converting points to coins. I just want a simple count. Can I get my simple count back Instead of this asinine, convoluted coin system?

It’s just a streak counter; you don’t really need it to learn anything. If it’s too complicated, it might be best for you to just ignore it.

You can still see how many lingqs you made and you can still just read until you’ve made 13 lingqs - that’s visible in the stat overview in the top right corner. So nothing is really gone, just the streak is no longer determined by this.


So the app now looks like I’m not using it enough every day even though I am, and the quantity of study I’m doing which was enough a couple days ago is no longer enough. This sucks.

I can’t set my own goal anymore because my goal is now arbitrary coin counting rather than just simple # of words. The little positive feedback I got from this app is now gone. No point in using it every day if it’s going to tell me every day that I’m not using it.

There is no daily lingq counter on my app. It says I haven’t used it in 3 days. This sucks.

ok, but lingq is not going to bring back the old way of counting. so you only really have 2 options:

  1. Get used to the new counter and adjust your goals.
  2. Stop caring what the app thinks. Keep your own streak counter to motivate you if you need it.
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Chill out, it was already arbitrary when it set the lower limit to 13 new linqs a day. Far more arbitrary than the new system. The old system rewarded just making new linqs where the new system actually encourages learning and improving. Previously I study for hours then need to open an article far beyond my level and lie about new words. Now reviewing old texts, moving words to known and listening all count. The aren’t going back , it’s not that complicated I understand some people don’t like change but give it some time.


To Azarya, you missed a 3rd option - cancelling my subscription. And to jscherer89, telling someone to “chill out” isn’t a solution. I’m not happy with the system. If it’s not coming back, I’ll cancel. Just telling people to be happy with something isn’t at all helpful. You all are incredibly dismissive individuals. Lots of “suck it up” but no actual solutions.

In my experience getting 50 coins takes much less time and reading than getting 13 new lingqs. The amount of reading that would usually give me 13-20 new lingq is giving me 100-200 coins.

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