Give your LingQs meaning

The new emailing of LingQs has me reviewing my LingQs more often. I am also reading a book about memory by Sebastian Leitner, the inventor of the Leitner Cardfile system. One of the many interesting things he stresses is the importance of giving meaning to something you want to remember. In order for something to remain in long term memory it must have meaning.

We recognized that at LingQ. That is why we want you to remember Phrases that use the words that you are trying to learn, phrases that have meaning for you because you have been listening to them and reading them. If you invest time in editing these phrases, or in creating Tags, this will add meaning to the word.

You can also try something else. In the Hint box where you put the translation of the new word or phrase, why not try putting something else. Try to add a few words that will help you remember the word, a memory helper. This will also help give the new word meaning. I just did that for a list of 25 words, and then went through them in flash cards. i have the impression that my memory of them improved. After my second pass through the cards were down to 0 and I gave myself a clap on the shoulder. “Well done Steve”, I said to myself, “you deserve a glass of wine!”