Gifting premier memberships

I would like to give lingq memberships to a few people…I purchased one less than an hour ago…I only received a code number.

Is this what I am supposed to “give/email” the recipient?..just this code number?

Do you have an introductory gift page I can send along with this?..something that might help introduce them, or inspire them to really take advantage of this program that they are getting as a gift.

If not…maybe you can develop something…I can help if you’d like…

That said, I need the code numbers again, …so I can email that to the recipient…I really thought, when I purchased this, that you would have had a “gifting” program more advanced then just sending me a code to then forward to someone else…

Thank you…

AS gifting season is upon us…your speedy response would be appreciated.

Hi umzer,
By now you should have received another email from us with your gift code and detailed instructions on how to redeem it.
After the person you purchased gift membership for create an account and redeem the code, he/she will be receiving LingQ Academy emails daily with instructions on how to use the site and of course LingQ Support is also 24hr/day ready to assist for any additional questions.

Maybe Umzer could create an account for the person who receives the gift: he will then receive a ready to use LINGQ membership.

Hi Zoran,
I sent you an email a few hours ago in response to the email of the invoice that you sent to me…I do not need another copy of the invoice.
What I need is the access code that I am to give to the recipient so that they can sign up without having to pay for anything.
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly…

We did actually sent you an email with the access code and instructions. Not sure why you haven’t received it, but I have just sent you another one from my personal email, hopefully you will get this one.