Getting rid of my first 100 Lingqs

I would reallly like to progress from a fresh new spot… with no Lingqs clogging my Portuguese account! Is there any hope ?

Will I have to rely on my trusty notebook and mad scribblings next to my computer .to keep track of my learning progress.! Aand be stuck forever with the first 100 lingqs. I love this site… and will be faithful community member … but this a hitch which is really beginning to bug me!

Please help. ! SIGNED simple minded not especially able junior jargon buster

Have you tried deleting them manually one by one?

You have to go to the vocab page, open each word, and you’ll find a delete button. It would be much much easier if you pay 10 $ per month.

As a paying member you can batch delete your LingQs, up to 200 at a time.