Getting foreign content from mp3/pdf into LingQ


Not a question. I just went through this rigmarole and figured I’d share the how.

I bought from TalkToMeInKorean the translation/transcription package for a series of short 1 - 2 minute videos they have made. What I actually bought were PDF/ePub files with the transcriptions in them. The videos were on Youtube.

This is how I dealt with the Youtube into LingQ process without installing any special apps:

  1. Google Youtube to mp3 converter and get your video into mp3 format. I just used
  2. Then go to and upload the mp3 there. It will let you crop the mp3 (with optional fade-in, fade-out) so you can skip any unnecessary cruft at the start/end.
  3. After downloading the cropped mp3, it’s ready to be imported into a LingQ lesson.

This is how I dealt with the PDF:

It would seem that sometimes foreign text cannot be simply copy/pasted from a PDF. I was unable to copy/paste the Korean from my PDF into LingQ’s text entry. I strongly suspect there may be an embedded font which would need to be exported somehow.

Whatever the reason, I did the following:

  1. Go to and ask it to convert the file to a word doc. It emails you the result.
  2. Follow the link in the email it sends to get the word doc from which you can then copy/paste.

Now I have my newly acquired ‘lessons’ with trancript, translation and audio in LingQ. Yay.