Getting exhausted with the constant technical problems on here

Some great ideas. Simplifying the messaging on what they do and how to install them would mean I’d put more effort into trying them. Perhaps more, simpler ones.

For Greek, I have relatively few options and LingQ lets me read novels. It’s most of my language learning.

£300 is plenty, but people spend far more on TV channels, gym, cars, holidays, phones. 6 playstation games.
Learning a language for less than the price of the phone in your hand.
People expect to pay for most things but not language learning.

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The platform is definetly bugged.
Unfortunately I can’t really see the alternative.
Other similar apps I’ve seen are worse in features. There’re some good alternatives for specific languages (I prefer Readibu+Pleco for Mandarin, and LangaugeCrush for Thai, for example), but none of them are equally good for a set of languages.


$200. Not sure where you got £300.

Yes some people do indeed spend a fortune on lifestyle goods. My iPhone cost £300, and I pay £10 a month line contract. But I’m a cheapskate. Literally, as my new ice skates were reduced from £650 to £340, and I get in to the rink with a concession ticket.

I guess to be fair the £100 I am paying at present is quite reasonable. The bugs are annoying, but I have just spent 30 minutes on a German YouTube video in LingQ and enjoyed it. It just takes time to work out how to use LingQ effectively. I am though surprised that bugs which impact usability in such a serious way exist,

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Lingq in its current shape can only offer one lesson per day to read peacefully before it goes haywire for most of the day. What is the point of having those extra bells and whistles if you can not read a lesson peacefully.

Lingq 5.0 was an experiment that went wrong completely. Better hire good developers and invest some money. I mean it is a commercial product you can not say that we are a small team we are trying our best.

At the current state of affairs, we all are going to be blood pressure patients rather than good language learners :smile:

After reading one lesson my wild guess is i am done for the day


I got into the whole comprehensible input thing with a lot of beginner videos in French with Alice Ayel describes the method as “sans stress.” :wink:


Thumbs up on Alice Ayel and gmeyer!

I stick strictly with the Sentence View, which is plenty buggy on its own. Although it ought to be straightforward code.

I have tried some of LingQ’s fancier features, but those became classic examples of what Jamie Zawinski, a whiz programmer from the dotcom days, called “Now you’ve got two problems.” Getting what I want done and getting LingQ to do it in its mysterious, buggy ways.

LingQ works its wonders clumsily. I never know if the keyboard shortcuts are going to work or my bookmarks will be remembered. I usually have to mark my lingqs twice. Etc.

If LingQ loses all my work tomorrow, I won’t be surprised.

I don’t bother with its fancier features, because then I’ll have two problems.




Today has been a nightmare, the iPad app crashed and now it crashes seconds after reopening. It’s unuseable. I tried the Web interface in Safari, that is soooo hard to use. I find it unpleasant, unintuitive, clunky. I was a software engineer for 30 years and created several personal websites, so I like to think I’m not stupid.

There are plenty of things that I seek for cheaper.

I’m learning a new language to speak with my wife’s family, as are many. Compare the price of weddings to the price of LingQ (lifetime). Some people probably pay more to go to someone else’s wedding.
But, yes, I’d like Lingq to be simpler to use (shortcuts), better and reliable (not too bad for me most days as I only use sentence view. or maybe I have accepted delayed audio etc.).

I’m really impressed that many are learning a language to speak with your wife’s family! Must be quite the family!


I joke that it’s to hear what they are saying about me.