Getting a youtube video in lingq just for the video/audio how to?

I am trying to grab videos without subtitles and get them into lingq for the audio or video to listen. The transcripts are on a website in word documents so I can just copy and paste them into the lesson. But how do I get the audio into lingq?

Create a lesson manually on the lingq website then go into the resources part and select video and paste the video link.

Some one has made a video guide in one of the threads but I don’t have the exact link

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As @Tombo wrote, you can add video url under the Resources > Video tab on the Import lesson page.
Or, if you prefer audio only, you can use any online YouTube audio extractor (for example this one Best YT to MP3 download Tools - Ytmp3) to get mp3 version of audio, which you can upload on the import lesson page.


Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

Podcasts are manually imported into LingQ. After you log in, click on the Import button (desktop only) at the top right of the LingQ home page. After clicking the Import lesson, add excerpts and audio from your podcast to the assigned field. Click Save and Open and LingQ will create a new lesson for you.

When you import a new lesson (manually on the desktop) you have to click on the Resources tab and drop down, click “Video”. Paste the video’s URL into the assigned field.

You can import lyric using the lingq extension.

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