Getting a meaning from a word in yellow doesn't work


I opened a lesson, and I can’t get the meaning words in yellow (neither hovering the mouse over the word nor clicking on it). I use Google Chrome 13.0.782.107. I tried to reload the lesson several times and I tried it with other lessons. Blue words seem to be working.

By the way, the status of the word (a number) appears on the right of the word, but not as a superindex.

@OscarP - Chrome can be quite obstinate when it comes to refreshing the cache. Keep hitting ctrl refresh and it should eventually clear and start working properly.

Thanks Mark. Now it’s working.

I’m having the same problem in Firefox. How does one refresh the cache in Firefox?

You can clear the cache by either refreshing the page or by going into the settings of the browser and clearing the cache. Find out how to clear your cache here: 9 Ways to Clear Your Browser Cache: Chrome, Safari, & More

Just wondering if there is something that I’m doing wrong. I’ve cleared the cache many time now and the mouse hovering over the words still doesn’t work.

Which popups aren’t working? Blue or yellow or both? What browser are you using? Do you have yellow popups set to open with a click? What happens if you choose this option at the bottom of the Settings page?


Try this: go to your LingQ settings (top menu on the right) and below the settings page check if the option “Open yellow LingQ popups with click” is unchecked.

Sorry Mark, I was writing my post and I didn’t notice yours.

Haha. No problem, Oscar! The more help the better! I am in Europe right now otherwise, there would be no answer for a while… :slight_smile:

I see Mark. I was starting to think that your working schedule is insane!

Hey, thanks guys. It working now.