Get the Best From Your Online Language Tutor - Steve Kaufmann

Make sure you have a tutor who has the imagination, the wherewithal and the resourcefulness to keep the conversation going when there’s a lull. A tutor who comes up with a new subject, a new question, something to keep the conversation going. This is key.

Hi Zoran, could you please suggest Steve to make a similar video about how to get the best from your online language partner?

I think Steve usually starts using a tutor when he can already speak the language at a certain level, but my main difficulty is when doing an exchange and both partners don’t have a conversational level yet. Probably that’s not an ideal situation and since conversation is basically not possible (or poorly done), the exchange ends up being a kind of lesson exchange, which is maybe not a good use of time and not much efficient.

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Sure, I’ll pass your suggestion.

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